Over 16 million hearts are melted by a teen’s words during the adoption process.. like

«Somehow fate enters the picture.» You end up with these children, and they end up with you. It’s really pretty wonderful. » Nicole Kidman’s

fostering is not a simple task. You must accept a youngster that is timid, shy, and sometimes emotionally scarred. You must do everything possible to show this youngster that there are people who want to care for and love them.

Then it will be time to let them go. It’s never simple, but it’s a highly admirable gesture of charity and love.

Dayshawn and his younger brother, Michael, were fostered by Sara Cozad and Stuart Shank.
After a few years as a family, the couple recognized it was a failed foster situation. They can no longer bear the thought of losing these two wonderful children.

They opted to adopt Dayshawn, who was 13 at the time, and his younger brother, Michael, who was six.

CBS News aired a brief segment with Sara, Stuart, and the kids.

The judge was moved by his statements and praised them.
Dayshawn went on to say that he adored Sara and Stuart and was grateful for his foster family.

Of course, the judge was overjoyed to observe the boy’s happiness.
She then asked Dayshawn and Michael whether they were prepared to commit to the adoption process.

«I’m thrilled to be their son.» They’re just the finest thing I’ve ever tasted. If I could desire anything in the world, it would be to be able to love these individuals for the rest of my life. »

Sara fell into tears after hearing her darling son’s touching words.
Any parent would have felt the same way. Dayshawn’s remarks were heartfelt, honest, and full of love and gratitude. It only goes to show how much love this family has for their children. Dayshawn and Michael have unquestionably returned home.

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