Queen Margrethe Wants 4 Grandkids to ‘Shape Their Own Lives’ without Titles after Death of Husband of 51 Years

The Queen of Denmark, Queen Margrethe, has removed four of her grandchildren’s royal titles. The Monarch has been thinking about the decision for a while and believes it is in their best interest.

The affected children’s father, Prince Joachim, is shocked and unhappy about the new development. The Queen’s other grandchildren will retain their royal titles.

The Queen of Denmark, Queen Margrethe II, may not be the most famous monarch in the world, but she has been a topic of discussion many times for various reasons, one of which is her marriage to her France-born late husband, Henrik.

The couple was married for over five decades before Henrik’s demise in 2018.

Queen Margrethe of Denmark arrives at Nordens Hus as the recipient of this year’s Nordic Association’s Language Awards on September 26, 2022, in Oslo, Norway. | Source: Getty Images

They first met in 1965 at a dinner party in London while Henrik was stationed as a diplomat. At the time, the prince consort had no title, while Queen Margrethe was the heir to the Danish throne. The pair got to talking, but Henrik did not make a significant impression on Her Majesty.

However, one year later, the couple met again at a wedding in Scotland, and this time, their encounter would see the start of a lovely romance. They began dating, and after spending a few months together, Queen Margrethe and Henrik were convinced they were right for each other.

So, in 1966, Henrik popped the question with a double diamond ring, after which the couple made a traditional balcony appearance in front of a huge crowd.

A few months later, on June 10, 1967, Queen Margrethe and the prince consort tied the knot at Holmens Kirke, Copenhagen, Denmark. They would later welcome two sons, Prince Frederik and Prince Joachim, and for the next couple of years, the family of four lived happily.

In 1972, Queen Margrethe ascended the throne following her father’s demise. She also took on the role of head of state, but thankfully with help from her husband, the burden was not too much for Her Majesty.

Together, the couple tried to balance leadership with family life and excelled at it. However, Queen Margrethe and Henrik’s relationship was not without its low points.

Following the Queen’s ascension, Henrik was given the title of Prince Consort which he wasn’t happy about. He desired to be King Consort and often complained about not getting the recognition he felt was due him.

On one occasion, when Frederik and Joachim were prioritized over him at a Royal gala while the Queen was ill, Henrik flew back to France angry. It would take the persuasion of the monarch to bring her husband down to Denmark.

But irrespective of their beliefs and misunderstandings, the couple remained with each other until the end. After nearly 51 years of marriage, Henrik passed away in February 2018 after a battle with dementia and lung infection.

Even in death, the Prince consort proved his love for Her Majesty. At Henrik’s funeral, the monarch was surprised by her late husband. Henrik had instructed that all the wreaths be arranged into a garden for Queen Margrethe to walk on in recognition of their lovely wedding.

It was a beautiful sight, which the Queen will remember for the rest of her life. A few years after the funeral, Queen Margrethe made the news again following a shocking decision from the monarch.

Queen Margrethe Strips Four of Her Grandchildren of Their Royal Titles
On September 28, 2022, Queen Margrethe shocked the public and Danish Royal Family members when she decided to remove four of her grandchildren’s royal titles. In a statement released by the royal place, it was mentioned that the children of the monarch’s second son, Joachim, will no longer be addressed as prince and princess or His/Her highness.

According to the Danish palace, Her Majesty made a move after seeing similar changes in other monarchies. Also, the palace stated that the ruling was in line with the similar changes other royal houses have made in the past years.

The change in titles will apply to Prince Nikolai, Prince Felix, Prince Henrik, and Princess Athena, who, from January 2023, will be addressed by their titles of Count and Countess of Monpezat.

While the Queen’s grandchildren’s titles will be discontinued, the statement mentioned that all four grandchildren would remain in the line of succession.

Following the big revelation, the monarch was greatly criticized for her decision. In her defence, Queen Margrethe explained that the decision was for her grandkids’ benefit.

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