Rihanna’s Post-baby Weight Is Praised & She Is in No Rush to Lose It

Rihanna is comfortable in her own body. She has always been confident about her body, even when she has received criticism about her weight gain.

Sports and music lovers are set to have a day to remember at the State Farm Stadium in Arizona, as Rihanna, one of the world’s most beautiful and talented singers, will perform in the halftime show at Super Bowl LVII.

This is the latest installment in Rihanna’s limelight-grabbing life that has seen her making the news for various reasons, including the unfortunate story of her body appearance over the years.

Rihanna’s Body Criticism
Around 2017, Rihanna visibly gained some weight. Her body became the subject of discussion after a sports blogger wrote an article body-shaming her, asking if she would make gaining weight fashionable.

The article called, “Is Rihanna going to make being fat the hot new trend?,” has since been deleted, but the damage had already been done as many people had already read the article.

The singer, actor, and businesswoman received some harsh criticism online. However, this criticism did little to damage Rihanna’s confidence and pride in herself. In a way, she made gaining weight a normal thing.

Rihanna Responds to Body Shamers.
Rihanna has never been shy to respond to her shamers. She has openly called them out and reiterated her support for young girls who might face the pressures of society on their bodies.

In response to the shaming, she made it clear that she didn’t care what people think, but as someone who takes her role model status seriously, she called for younger girls to appreciate their bodies. She said:

“It’s important young girls know that it’s okay to eat the things they like and that’s why body shaming makes me so angry. It doesn’t really worry me personally, but I hate the message it sends.”

Rihanna is not Shy to Talk about her Weight

The “Diamond” hitmaker has never been shy to admit that she gained weight – because it is natural for everybody. No one should ever feel ashamed of things about themselves that they cannot control.

Fans praised Rihanna’s confidence and looking beautiful in her own body. There was support for her on various social media platforms.
Rihanna even takes the positives from her weight gain. During her makeup tutorial video for Vogue, she talked about her weight, mentioning that she learned to make face contouring when she gained some weight.

Rihanna’s Body Changes
Despite the criticism, Rihanna’s body has fluctuated several times. The fluctuations are not something she despises but she chooses to take them in a positive manner. She acknowledged this by saying:

“I actually have had the pleasure of a fluctuating body type, where one day I can literally fit into something that is bodycon, and then the next day – the next week – I need something oversized.”

Her pregnancy in 2021 also saw her body weight increase. An increase in body weight is normal during pregnancy, and Rihanna would confidently show off her baby bump everywhere she went.

The Singer Feels Confident in her Body
Three months after giving birth, an insider told “US Weekly” that Rihanna was “not in a rush to lose the baby weight,” as she has embraced the body as it is.

Fans praised Rihanna’s confidence and looking beautiful in her own body. There was support for her on various social media platforms. A tweet from Mama_Bokamoso read:

“Did you see RihannaI love how northerly come she is. So calm with her weight and absolutely gorgeous.”

Being Happy and Healthy is Important for Rihanna
For Rihanna, everyone should feel natural and self-assured in their body, which is also important for mental health. Body shaming can be damaging to people’s mental well-being.

Her unwillingness to compromise on her favorite food means that she has to work hard for it at the gym.
Unlike some celebrities who have chosen to limit their food choices in order to maintain certain bodies, Rihanna leaves room in her diet for pleasurable eating without worrying much about how her body.

Rihanna at a restaurant in New York City | Source: Getty Images

When and What Rihanna Eats
Rihanna said that people should eat what they like. Her personal chef, Debbie Solomon, reiterated this by saying that Rihanna does not do meal planning. She said:

“We don’t know what we’re going to eat tomorrow, so why even pick today?”

The singer is also a big fan of snacks. On the Ellen DeGeneres show, she revealed that she always has snacks because she likes to be prepared: “You never know what mood you’re going to be in.”

The “Battleship” actress reportedly includes Supraformer training sessions in her fitness routine. The intense Pilates-inspired workout helps to maintain her toned abs and strong legs.

She has worked with several trainers over the years and sometimes has been reported to have two trainers at the same time. Some of the trainers she has worked with include Harley Pasternak and Ary Nunez.

Rihanna noted that one of the reasons why she works out is that she doesn’t have to worry about what she eats. Her unwillingness to compromise on her favorite food means that she has to work hard for it at the gym.

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