Sophia Loren dances up a storm in ‘Mambo Italiano’ montage

Italy’s sweetheart Sophia Loren captured the hearts of millions with her stunning eyes, captivating smile, and beautiful olive skin complexion. She didn’t just have the looks; she had the moves too.

In this artfully compiled montage video, some of Sophia’s best dance moves and most endearing movie moments are played to the fitting tune “Mambo Italiano” for the lovely Italian actress.

Sophia’s films are beloved by all. Her fiery spirit and coy nature make her a naturally talented actress. You can’t argue with those cat-like eyes when they flash your way.

She starred alongside some of the most dashing gentlemen in Hollywood. The video shows her slow dancing with debonair actors such as Marlon Brando and Cary Grant.

She also has some spicy dance moves and knows how to capture the attention of her audience. The men featured in her films are always lovestruck by the gorgeous Italian actress.

Sophia also has a soft side and can be seen dancing with children. These scenes are heartwarming and paint a complete picture of just how sweet Sophia Loren is.

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