Teacher Writes Note On Boy’s Homework, Has No Idea Who Dad Is

Teacher writes note on boy’s homework, has no idea who dad is.

A crushed boy walked with his head bowed toward his house from his school. He didn’t want his parents to see the tears in his eyes but they could see that the seven-year-old had been crying and pleaded with him to tell them what had happened.

The child reluctantly got a piece of paper out from his school bag, he handed it to his parents and it would hold all the answers that they were looking for. Camden pilland was always just a normal kid, he never strived to get amazing grades but he would stay out of trouble nonetheless. He wasn’t hyperactive and he didn’t spend all his time watching tv and playing video games.

His parents were caught off guard when he came home devastated. They read the note he had given them and his father stirred with a frown. As he kept reading the test paper his face became more flush with anger. Camden was a student at valley view elementary school for a number of years.

There had never been an issue with him at the school but everything changed when he walked into school as a second grader. Now his parents were getting more and more complaints about their son’s behavior. Chris decided he had heard enough and decided to look into his son’s complaints.

There aren’t any elementary school children who like to do their homework especially when they could be seeing friends or playing games once the bell indicates the end of the school day. Camden was no exception and his parents understood it was part of being a kid but camden started handing in his assignments late.

The drastic change in behavior only started in the second grade. His parents hated seeing their child struggle so suddenly with his academics. What changed camden’s attitude toward his school. Chris was sure that his child could take on the second grade and all its challenges and the fact that he wasn’t made him start to worry.

It wasn’t normal for camden’s performance to plummet so drastically in his academic life. His teacher was alyssa rupp boanek and one day he arrived home with some feedback from her. For the continuation watch the video.

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