The 95-year-old grandmother poses with her grandson as a hero every time.

Age should never be considered a criterion for characterizing a person’s creative abilities, describing creativity or having any preferences in general. Older people have more energy and time to create, develop and pass on something new.

Sometimes there are cases that children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren inherit some characteristic, ability, etc. from their elderly grandparents. sometimes it is not necessary to inherit them genetically, but the children are taught to sew and shape, cooking, singing or reciting, etc. In  that case they  just  teach  them how  to  do  anything  and  that  can  be  profession   for  them.95-year-old grandmother Pauline is such a grandmother full of energy. She  has  beautiful face .

She is  dressed  like   a  young  lady. She is a woman full of humor who is very lively for her age and always looking for adventures. She  always  makes  jokes. It has become a hobby for her. Smile and  laugh are  he life  without  which  she  may  not  live  so  long. Her grandson Ross Smith has inherited his grandmother’s sense of humor.

He is also very energetic and full of sense of humor. They take pictures together to make their day funny. And what kind of pictures are taken that get so much recognition? In one picture, they were dressed like characters from a fairy tale.

They were filmed as the beautiful Cinderella. In another picture, they dressed up as the Titanic. The two of them make quite funny videos and pictures together. It’s their favorite pastime. Every time, the grandmother creates an imaginary picture with her grandson.

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