The bride found a non standard replacement for the groom who missed his own wedding

After several unsuccessful attempts to get married, Kristin hoped that for the third time everything should definitely go according to the plan.

But she was wrong— her wedding was just destined to be special.

Kristin and Gannon Carmires postponed their wedding several times due to the coronavirus.

When they finally decided to arrange a celebration, the bride was waiting for a new disappointment – her fiancé Gannon received severe food poisoning on the eve of the holiday and was hospitalized, writes the New York Times.

It was already too late to cancel the banquet, but Kristin did not want to stand alone among the guests.

She insisted that her fiancé “attend” the celebration at least by video link, and for realism, she got a mobile hanger somewhere, dressed it up in a Gannon suit and attached a tablet to it.

In the footage of the video posted on TikTok by the owners of the country club where the banquet was held, Kristin dances and cuts the wedding cake next to her fiancé, smiling from the gadget screen.

Gannon stayed in touch throughout the evening and communicated with the bride and guests of the holiday via video link.

The post on the network was viewed by more than 900 thousand people and about 800 of them left their comments.

“Oh, that’s very nice. The best thing that could be done in this situation”, “In sickness and in health… This oath is right about you”, “The bride is holding up well. I would despair in this situation”, “At the same time sad and funny.”

However, there were also commentators who felt that the bride should be in the hospital next to the groom, and not have fun at the wedding.

By the way, it might not have worked out for Kristin, because due to covid restrictions in many hospitals, relatives are not allowed into the wards.

Gannon himself, who has fully recovered by this point, is glad that at least Kristin enjoyed the wedding.

He has been happy with Kristin for 8 years, but because of the pandemic, he could not legitimize their relationship in any way.

Now he proudly calls his beloved wife and makes many joint plans for the future.

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