The brother sewed such a dress for his sister that she became the queen of the evening. Photos:

Looking stunning on prom is the ultimate goal for any girl. Each of us hardly remembers her prom, favorite dress, make-up and hairstyle.

Of course, everyone wants to be the queen of the evening and spares nothing for it. But there are also those around us who cannot afford such luxury. One can have good job, money and the other one can not.

Filipina Lu Asi belongs to the group of people who have big dreams but not enough money to realize those dreams. Soon it was her prom and like all girls, she had a secret dream to wear a beautiful dress and look stunning, but her parents could not afford such luxury because they did not have a well-paying job.

What was left to do? She was not able   to participate in the evening or  she  had to wear ordinary clothes. And then a miracle happened and Filipina attended that prom and to everyone’s surprise she was the most  beautiful and luxurious  participant  of the evening. Can you guess where she got such an expensive dress? She didn’t buy it. It  was  her brother sewed it himself.

For making  her sister happy, she tried an incredible idea, first sketched it, then bought everything  he needed: cloth, lace, beautiful shiny stones, and started sewing himself. It was ready in 10 days. You can see pictures of this gorgeous handiwork on  social  media as this dress got quite a lot of likes.

Seeing Filipina, everyone was amazed. How beautiful and gorgeous she was, how well it suited Filipina and how happy she was in that dress.

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