The children of this trio are already 7 years old. Here’s what these little miracles look like

All married couples look forward to enjoying the joy of becoming parents. With the birth of a child, a new life and happiness begins in the family.

Parents begin to think and care for another creature besides themselves. Here is a couple who had a small daughter and were waiting for the second one to be born.

During the medical examination, it was found that they will have triplets. The couple was stunned. They did not expect such a surprise. The woman remained under the doctor’s supervision for 9 months before the birth of the children. When the triplets were born, the parents forgot about rest. So many similar babies, so lively and mischievous. Poor parents, what could they do but fulfill their children’s whims from morning to night? One wants to eat, another to drink, the third to play etc.

They were inseparable from each other and always were together. They became famous all over the world from the day they were born. Journalists and strangers used to visit parents out of curiosity.

The children’s mother decided to share the children’s daily life on the social media by posting their pictures and videos. Years later, they went to school, they still were not changed, and were the same active and energetic children, the only difference was that they were not at home for several hours during the day and the mother could catch her breath.

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