The couple has built beautiful houses and lives on the island.

We are all aware of how primitive people lived to some extent. It is hard not to have heard about caves. People have always adapted to the conditions of life. They also adapt the house to themselves. You may have heard how, after coming out of the caves, people started building houses and earning a living. A person is always able to achieve many goals thanks to his intelligence, willpower and purposefulness. There are times when a person wants to cut off from the world, choose a place where there will be no people and enjoy life. Tofino residents Catherine and Wayne are one of those unique couples who, thanks to their intelligence and determination, realized their long-lost dream.

After going through many trials, this couple finally realizes the biggest dream of their life. They are one of the unique ones who never fear trials, on the contrary, every trial makes them stronger and more fighting.

They built a house that was different from the rest of the houses by not being like any of them. It offered both home and art at the same time. They called this house Freedom Cove. This was their long-dreamed home. It was unique in its appearance. The couple moved to the apartment in 1992. From the very first day of the couple’s meeting, the main topic of their conversation was their dream apartment. They wanted to be surrounded by nature and enjoy the rest. There is no better place than this. Everything was planned very magnificently.
Catharine, being a dancer, creates a special space for dance, which also serves as a way to earn money. They were thinking of expanding the area even more, even providing greenhouses and other buildings. Since both of them were people of art, they decided to use the space for art too.
Here they presented their current affairs and surprised everyone. Their house became one of those thousands of examples, when human intelligence wins over material ability and even thanks to that thinking, it becomes a means of material gain.


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