The cutest thing you will see today! 96 year-old Dick Van Dyke enjoys a dance with his wife look video like?

The renowned entertainer is still going strong at 96 years old. In reality, it looks like the Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang actor, known for his infectious excitement from the beginning of his career, is still taking every opportunity to make people smile.

This year, Dyke was spotted smiling as he exited a restaurant in Malibu, California

Furthermore, he took the time to tell them how thankful he was to be alive

Dyke, who began his renown career in the 1940s, was seen later that day doing errands, including buying a self-tanning spray from a local store.

People are talking about the clip from Valentine’s Day earlier this year right now.

In the video, Arlene Silver, 50, and Van Dyke were dancing to the 1958 Doris Day song, Everybody Loves a Lover.

Arlene begins the three-minute duet by looking in the mirror. The singer and producer then approached her celebrity husband, who was sitting in a flowery chair and painting his nails.

After a few lines, the Mary Poppins actor joins his partner, and the two do the two-step and other stunning dance moves in perfect synchronicity.

It comes as no surprise that the video of Dick Van Dyke, proving that, despite his late age, he still has it, was a big hit with his admirers.

Every now and then, I lose track of the massive study we’re carrying out here—the 46-year gap. And we made an attempt, he said.

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