The father of the 3 children takes care of them single-handedly and with great care. Here’s how he pulls it all off

Parents play a big role in raising children in the family. Both father and mother have their part in raising the child. However, we constantly emphasize the role of the mother, we praise the mother, weave songs about her, forgetting about the fathers. Mother takes care of our child every day, takes care, feeds and does many other things, taking care of our whims. We utter words of gratitude and praise only when talking about mother. But there is another person who works for us every day.

He also earns money for our food, clothes, education and many, many other entertainments. Most of the time the father even replaces the mother. A Chinese father takes care of his three 5-year-old children even better than his mother. They are triplets. The father does everything completely alone and surprises the public. How can a father take care of 3 children alone? Actually, it is impossible. The father wakes up at seven o’clock and runs here and there all day. She prepares breakfast for the little ones, dresses them, dresses them and takes them to kindergarten. After kindergarten, he again deals with children. He brings them home, cooks them, feeds them and takes them to bed. When the children are sleeping, the father tries to relax and post the videos he made on social networks, where he takes care of the children.

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