The girl found an old suitcase in the garden. He heard voices from inside the suitcase and decided to take it home and open it

The manifestation of love and care towards the animal world is not typical for everyone. There are many people who have no desire for animals at all, do not like to touch or feed them. Everyone has their preferences and this is a normal phenomenon.

Not everyone will necessarily worship animals. But in contrast to them, there are also people who adore animals, playing with them, feeding them, caring them. Naturally, we understand that we are talking about pets. Many families keep pets. Expensive care items, even clothes, special pet food are bought for them, they are taken for a walk, hugged, watch a movie together, etc. There was a girl named Sarah Baumer. She loved animals very much.

Even if she saw a dog or a cat on the street, he approached it with great kindness, petted them and, if there was food, she also fed it. One sunny day, the girl went for a walk. She walked for a long time, looking around, breathing in the fresh air, admiring the beautiful flowers and enjoying the clear and sunny summer day. She loved to walk and often went for a walk in the nearby park. It was always crowded there, children were playing, old people were sitting and talking, and young people were walking.

Sarah stayed in the park long enough, talked, walked, and decided to go home. After leaving the park, she decided to go home on the nearest path, bypassing the street. After taking a few steps, she noticed a suitcase on the side of the road, which seemed to move and sounds were heard from inside it. She turned to leave, but after taking a few steps, she regretted it, came back, took the suitcase and quickly walked home. The suitcase was so old and dirty that the girl thought for a moment that there would be nothing important in it, despite the weight. When she got home, she opened it and what a surprise she experienced! The suitcase was full of small, defenseless kittens. The girl was excited and took the kittens out of the suitcase with great joy and threw away the suitcase. She quickly bathed the little cubs. Then she fed them and put them to sleep like a baby. She looked at the sleeping puppies and wondered how people could treat the puppies in such a way that they wouldn’t live long in the suitcase if she didn’t find them.

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