The girl who found 42,000 dollars was so honest that she decided to return it to the owner

What will you do I one day you find 42000 dollars. Will you return it to the owner?
Such a case happened in one of the charitable companies of Oklahoma, whose name was Goodwill. Because the company was charitable and the goal was to collect things, clothes or other items and donate them to those who need them, so here different benefactors from different parts of the world sent different things, which the employees opened and sorted. Once they received such parcels and opened them to see what was inside. One of the employees named Andrea Lessing opened the suitcase and saw that it contained clothes and something wrapped in two sweaters, which seemed to her to be a book. But to his surprise, he discovered that what looked like a book was a bundle of 100-dollar bills

The total amount was 42 thousand dollars. The girl didn’t know what to do. She informed the manager about it and asked to return the money. It was true that the company was charitable, however, the amount of such money was very large, and besides, they wanted to recognize the benefactor and confirm the amount of his charitable money on the paper. It is not every day that we will come across such a case, because they could easily accept the money in a charity company without knowing who did it. But thanks to the girl’s honesty, they found the benefactor and expressed their gratitude, and the charity company together with the honest employee gained great recognition and received an award
If there are many such people, good will always prevail in life and everyone’s needs will be satisfied.


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