The grandfather has a sassy talk with the granddaughter, and she takes the humor to new heights

Most people will agree that newborns are the cutest things on the planet. Everything they do is charming, from waddling around as they try to find their feet to blowing big ol’ bubbles as they try to create their first words.

People can’t get enough of their cute baby talk.

J.R.R. Tolkien invented a language so unusual that he ended up writing a novel about it. There are entire worlds in Star Wars with languages unique to each distinct monster.

With a strange language, the opportunities are unlimited. So, why hasn’t somebody made a world centered around kids?

Grandpa here understands as he converses with his lovely grandchild in her own language. We’re not sure how or why Grandpa speaks to the toddler, but it’s obvious that they understand one other.

This newborn girl is telling Grandpa everything in great detail.
Grandpa reacts, showing that he understands and is interested in learning more. He nods in understanding as she describes her predicament.

This dialogue, on the other hand, is hilarious. According to a viewer called Mary,

«He’s OK. He communicates in baby terms. He uses appropriate language. They’re having an important chat. Consider playing it during her wedding. There’d be no dry eye in the house! »

Where did he discover a toddler-talk course?

It is not always easy to relate to a child.
Most people find the frequent mood changes, abundance of energy, and demanding conduct too much. But Grandpa understands.

He interacts with her, urging her to open up to him.

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