The grandmother welcomed all the guests of her 90th birthday dressed as a princess. She felt like a real princess

Regardless of age, it is very important to feel young. Age can only be considered as a number and we create youth of spirit by ourselves. You can be as young as we inspire ourselves. Here is a 90-year-old grandmother who is one of those age people who search and find ways to make their life interesting and young. She appeared in a very interesting and quite creative way on her 90th birthday. She appeared dressed as a princess. Her relatives supported her and she got her dream look.

The grandmother was wearing a tutu shirt with a crown on her head, surrounded by colored ribbons with balloons. The picture showed her behind his grandchildren and relatives at the table. It was as if a little child had awakened in him and he felt extremely happy and young. The author of this idea is his granddaughter Stephanie. She had arranged everything with her high school friends. They were photographers. Grandma looked very happy. She was smiling all the time and you could not tell by looking at her face that she is 90 years old if you didn’t pay attention to the wrinkles.
Stephanie was also very happy to see her grandmother happy. She and her relatives organized this princess party to entertain her, make her happy and get away from everyday life a little. And at the end of the day, they realized that the day was a complete success and the impression was great. Each of us, regardless of everything, can change his life a little and feel carefree and young regardless of age. That feeling is priceless. Age expressed in numbers should never stop us from doing what we like, happiness, relief and the opportunity to feel young.


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