The husband noticed that his wife was going to the mountains too often, so he decided to follow him to find out that she…

A pleasant, regular family lived in a tiny village close to the mountains.

Igor and Maria might serve as role models: both are highly educated and well-organized at work. There were never any big fights, but Igor recently found out that his wife walks too close to the mountains when she goes for walks.

The guy decided to follow him one day after seeing Maria screaming there.

There were never any major issues in the household. Igor earned a decent salary fixing flats and homes, and Maria wasn’t kidding when she said she worked as a lawyer in a neighboring town.

Such a profession necessitates a certain hardness of temperament, yet Maria was always sweet and peaceful at home. Igor was unconcerned about anything until the journey to the mountains began.

On free nights, the lady began to leave the home more often, getting into her vehicle and driving to the foothills of the mountains. When she returned, she didn’t say anything, simply said she had «things to do.»

Igor, once more, planned to closely follow Maria. He followed her into the forest up in the hills when he heard his wife cry. Igor saw Maria hurling feelings at the environment from behind the tree.

The guy found the scenario weird, and he couldn’t tell his wife for many days that he was being observed. But we had to discuss it at some point, and Maria listened to Igor and expressed herself gently.

The lady said that the work required her to be quite rigorous. She didn’t want to bring the negativity into the home, so she traveled to the mountains to get away from it all.

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