The little boy approached the horses. Seeing the baby, the horses approached him

We all have heard the expression “animals are people’s friends”. Any pet is a friend, a friend, a helper. For one, a dog is considered a pet, for another, a cat, etc. It is not necessary to keep an animal only at home for it to be considered a pet.

An animal can also be in a barn like a cow, a sheep, a horse, etc. A horse is one of the kindest and smartest animals.

It is a very patient and reserved animal. It is very easy to make friends with him, he adapts quickly. All of us would like to respect a horse to some extent, but most of us are afraid. But there’s no need to be afraid, it’s a very balanced animal, if you don’t get angry it’s very easy to get along with it. The domesticated horse has long been a constant assistant to man in agricultural and transportation works and played an important role in the army.

In order to tame them, first of all, you need to take into account their characteristic features. They have a very good relationship with people, but they do not always respond positively to everyone. They recognize a person by smell, voice, and if a stranger approaches, they might not like it. Our little hero has many pets, a dog, a cat, but he is not familiar with horses.

He once visited a racetrack with his parents. Inside the fence were the horses, a beautiful breed. The boy happily approaches the fence and stands watching their movements. The little boy was barely 2-3 years old. He let out happy squeals when the horses moved. Soon he began to make movements on his own and call the horses. One of the 3 horses spotting the baby He approaches and pokes his head out of the fence. The other two horses follow him. It seems they are coming to greet a friend. The little boy looks at them happily. There are 3 beautiful horses, one is light brown, the other 2 are dark. The little boy tries to pet the horse, but alas, he can’t, no matter how much the horse tries to pull out its head. Seeing that the child cannot reach the fence, the horse starts to lick the child’s hand. It seems that they understand that he is small and do not want to upset him. It is interesting and very funny to watch the interaction of this little boy and the horses.

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