The little boy saw his mother for the first time with hair of a different color. The baby liked mommy’s hair color

There are cases when children’s opinion is extremely important and significant for us. They feel the changes in their parents’ appearance so early that the elders don’t even notice. They can quickly notice new clothes, makeup, hairstyles, jewelry.

They express their admiration so sincerely and innocently, as if they are dealing with fashion or appearance. Recently, a video appeared on the Internet, where the little boy, seeing his mother’s new hairstyle, immediately noticed and approved with a smile. Dad captured the moment, shot a video and posted it on the Internet. The little boy’s name was August, who was waiting for his mother near the stairs with his father named Collin.

The mother, named Christina, went to the hairdresser to change her hair color and give her a new look. When August noticed, his mother got out of the car, he smiled at her as a sign of joy. But suddenly the little boy noticed something new and different and changed his expression.  The little boy looked carefully and realized that the color of his mother’s hair had changed and began to smile as if he understood the change and liked it. He got off his father’s lap and barely walked to meet his mother and wanted to touch her hair. Christina hugged the baby so that he could see the color of her hair more closely. Collin asked his son if he liked his mother’s new haircut and in response to what his father said, the boy smiled and hid his head as if shied. For a moment, Christina thought that her son would not like her haircut, but the little one liked the new haircut and was smiling endlessly, showing her mother that he liked the color of her hair.


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