The little children did not use the markers to write on the paper, but wrote on themselves.

Children are those cheerful creatures that cannot be overlooked for a minute. They will always find something to do and even we may not think that they will manage to do it in a minute. They have a very flexible mind and are quick to orient themselves in what they are doing. They need more attention and care. They are so innocent and righteous that they don’t even hide their mischief. They do it without realizing it.

After all, at that age, their mind and heart are only playing and not thinking about not making this or that mistake. Sometimes they may feel happy doing extraordinary things. One day a woman left her three children alone thinking they were playing with each other. A woman did thousands of charms and hardly thought about what her children were doing She heard children’s voices and thought that they were playing with a toy. He suddenly decided to check if everything was okay, and to his surprise, he saw that one of the children’s body was completely covered with marker scribbles. What could the mother do, she had to throw away the marker and warned that it was for paper and not for the human body. One of the children hurried to apologize and explain why they did that, but the mother did not listen to them. They promised not to do such a thing again and to ask mom, but what do you think is it a possible option? Every time they pretend to understand mom, but they repeat the same thing again.


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