The little girl makes friends with the cat. They love each other very much

You must have seen a kitten. Many people even like to keep and take care of these innocent little kittens at home. Special feed and special care products are bought for them. These kittens are mostly under the mother’s care after birth. The mother cat provides them with food and takes care of them. Kittens develop very quickly, almost 4-5 months.

They soon begin to pull out their teeth like children do and eat whatever comes their way. They adapt to people very quickly and become their friends and relatives. They consider themselves a member of that family and are always by their side in all situations. You can even meet how a cat takes care of its owner when he is not feeling well. The cat even tries to spread peace and harmony around. They do not feel the same towards strangers, on the contrary, they try to protect themselves and even their owners. They are extremely energetic. Adapting cats and accepting them as relatives at home is most effective at the age of 2-9 weeks, because at that age it is easier to win their love and friendship. They get used to it easier and faster. And in adulthood, they have already acquired certain character traits, which are somewhat difficult to correct.
If the cat does not leave the owner’s side, its hooves are always spinning, it shows its love and devotion. Little Zlata was surrounded by such love and devotion. A kitten named Sammy loved the little girl very much. They spent the whole day together and everyone was delighted with their honest friendship. The little girl does not eat food until the cat is next to her, and the cat, in turn, sits by the little girl’s bed when she is asleep and watches over her peaceful sleep. Sometimes it seems to us that such a possibility does not exist, but any kind of friendship is possible if there is mutual trust, love and understanding․4


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