The man took his father to a retirement home, and when he returned home he was surprised…

We should love and appreciate our parents as they loved and cared for us, doing everything possible to fill our day with joy.

They gave us life and even did the impossible for us, we owe them everything in our lives, they are the brightest part of our lives.

The man thought his father was very old and a burden and decided to put him in a nursing home.

In the evening, as the family sat at the table for dinner, his 5-year-old son asked:

“Daddy, where did you take Grandpa? ”

” At the old people’s home,” the father replied. ”

” He would have been fine there, wouldn’t he? ”

“Well, yes, maybe an old people’s place is a nursing home,” the father replied indifferently.

“Dad, tell me the address for registration and don’t forget. ”

“Have you decided to visit him, my son? ”

“No, Dad, to save that for later. So, when you grow up, I’ll take you to a nursing home.”

The man was surprised at his son’s reaction.

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