The neighbors decided to help the retired woman and painted the walls of her house from the outside.

Every country has its own laws and regulations. The law of one country may seem strange to us, and our law to another. To some extent, this is due to cultural characteristics. Every nation has its own traditions and customs, ideas and point of view regarding this or that phenomenon.

The United States of America is one of the richest countries with laws that we know. It consists of 50 states and each of them has its own set of laws. Naturally, we hardly remember all of them and mention them, but there are laws that are eye-catching and memorable. Laws related to nature and environment are inseparable.

Everyone obeys them indiscriminately and even performs their duties with great pleasure and enthusiasm. There is a similar law in the American state of New Jersey, and the people, whether they want it or not, are able to do or not, they don’t have money or not should do it. They have to clean their surrounding area and houses by painting them on the outside. This is the law and it is everyone’s law regardless of age.
First of all, they should paint the walls of the house from the outside, so that the street looks nice, clean and neat. It’s a very good law, isn’t it? However, can everyone afford such expenses and can elderly people living alone do such work? Of course, not everyone has enough money and can hardly take care of other household expenses. There are also old people who physically can not paint a wall.

One such case happened in the same state. An elderly woman who was a teacher by profession was physically and financially unable to paint her apartment. And what would she do? She was old and lived alone, she had no children. This is what happened. There were good people who came to her aid.

At first the old woman refused because she had no money to pay them, but the understanding and sympathetic neighbors insisted on repairing the house without money and she accepted the offer as she had no other option. After the work was completed, the house was unrecognizable. The result was wonderful and the old teacher was satisfied and grateful.

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