There are bridges in different countries, but the longest of them is in Portugal

There are many sights in the world that are worth seeing at least once in a lifetime. Each country is distinguished by its wonderful nature and beautiful sights. There are places that are so beautiful that after seeing them, you want to go back there to enjoy that wonderful view once more. Beautiful nature gives a person positive emotions. Many people, tired of the noise of the city, want to spend at least a few days in nature, where the air is so clean that you may not want to leave. Living in the lap of nature also gives a person a healthy appearance.

Thousands of people travel around the world. Some travel for fun, some for relaxation, some for discovering new places, discovering and some for cultures. There are thousands of beautiful places in the world, which are characterized by their uniqueness and unrepeatable appearance. There are many famous places, after visiting which people want to visit other different places and get acquainted with new cultural features and traditions. The 7 wonders of the world are known to all of us, we are more or less familiar with them, or have visited them or just heard and seen them in pictures. In addition to these wonders, there are also places that deserve a lot of attention.

Such a remarkable place is the long-suspended pedestrian bridge in Portugal, which is located on the Paiva River and is called Point 516. It looks suspended over the river. It is considered the longest pedestrian bridge in the world.

In addition to the appearance of the elevator, it is a wonderful place to visit . In addition, there is a nice view, the river below and mysterious nature all around.


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