There are few such exemplary couples who have lived together for 80 years and continue to love each other

Love is an inexplicable phenomenon, about which each of us has his own ideas and explanation. For one, it is an endless passion. For someone else, it is trust, respect, mutual understanding towards the loved one. When you love, you are more caring, more forgiving, more yielding, more compassionate.

That love grows stronger over the years and seems to grow hotter than ever, regardless of age. As people grow older, reaching the threshold of old age, they become more caring towards each other.

Sometimes it seems to us that there is no such thing as love that is lasting and unfailing, but this Mexican couple proves the opposite. Can you guess how many years they share their life together? To everyone’s surprise, they have been married for 81 years. Of course, many of us find such a statement unbelievable, but the love story of this couple is a real fact. Estefania and Faustino are devoted spouses and have never lived without each other.

Looking at their happy pictures, it can be assumed that they had a very easy path. However, from the beginning, Estefania had to overcome a lot of challenges while loving Faustino. Against her father’s will, she married Faustino and moved to a nearby village.

In their life together, they shared both sadness and happiness, but they never stopped loving each other. For them, love never gets old, it stays more and more beautiful and youthful with age. Along with their age, they take care of each other, often go for a walk, spend the whole day with each other. Together they have 11 children, 65 grandchildren, 110 great-grandchildren and 18 great-great-grandchildren. In addition to loving each other, they are also surrounded by the love of family and friends who care for them. They explain their longevity by the fact that it is not important how old you are, what is important is what makes you happy at that age. Listening to them, we can understand that we should live for the moment and enjoy the joy of life regardless of age.

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