These little babies will take you back to childhood for a moment. They pour water on each other and it makes them happy

Children’s laughter is irreplaceable, it makes you live, smile and overcome everything in life. Children’s innocent smile is sometimes is transmitted even to adults. Every day spent with them is a holiday. Every parent admires the smile of their child and sometimes does everything that makes the child smile and happy. Children often laugh especially during play. Play is an integral part of their lives. We all have seen how the little ones especially have fun playing with water.

Looking at these little ones, you can’t stop laughing too, because they are so funny. Two children were swimming and playing together in the water. The mother had bought a peccary pool for them, filled it with water and placed it in the yard. The little ones were pouring water on each other laughing loudly. The mother was also fascinated by the children’s game. She was watching the children all the time, so that they didn’t suddenly slip into the water. They were playing carefree and getting more excited and inspired when they saw their mother watching them. We will do even the most amazing things for our children, so that they feel appreciated and loved. More often the most important is not to buy expensive cloths or food but be the next to child and inspire him, encourage him and make smile. The smile of child can change the life better, and what is more important the child and we need that better life.


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