These little ones are quintuplets. They also have two older brothers.

Since ancient times, people aware of the opinion that they should have many children. They had at least 4-5 children. But nowadays people don’t think like that. You have to take care of them as much as you can and meet their needs. Enough energy is needed to raise 4-5 children in one house. Our times  are   very developed and equipped with everything, but  it  is  difficult to earn money to provide them with clothes and food. In addition to material requirements, the child must also be provided with love and affection. And in the case of many children, you hardly manage to take care of them. You barely manage to feed them, dress them, bathe them, wash the dishes, clean the house and get tired to  go  to  bed  for  sleep.

You don’t have time to go to bed and caress your children, play with them, spend time with them. Here is a large family where there are 7 children, five of which are quintuplets, three girls and two boys. 2 of them are of school age and 5 of them are of pre-school age. It is easy to take care of the two older boys because they are big and understanding, they go to school, stay home from school and hardly bother their parents, but they 5 children need more attention. The father have to run after the five from morning to evening. The father spends enough energy on them.

Skylar, the children’s father, decided to take the children to the park one day to jump on the trampoline. He also invited his sister and niece because one person could not look after 5 children at once. The elder brother also helped the quintuplets to slide and jump. They were all dressed alike. The father decided to dress them in that way so that he could easily find them among the remaining children. They had a great time despite the children’s obstinacy.

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