These two men found out that their mother is the same woman. The men have been friends for over 60 years

After years, finding a relative, even a related in kinship brother or sister, is an infinite happiness. It often happens in life when we live far from our loved ones or we live side by side with them without knowing that they are relatives.Don’t you agree that it is not so easy to find a relative even after 60 years? There are times when we are powerless to predict the future or the consequences of any action. And how to predict when and how to meet relatives who live far from each other? What emotions and feelings do you experience after finding them?

Despite the fact that it is pleasant, it is at the same time unexpected, because people grow apart from each other and become strangers and it is not so easy to create love and affection between each other. First of all, they will try to get used to each other, get to know each other and then little by little their contact will deepen as  relatives. In other words, we understand that it is not easy to get a relative in one day. But there is another interesting case when two people, not knowing that they are relatives, have been  good friends for years. They shared bread, emotions and feelings with each other.

Such an amazing case is the story of Alan and Walter, who have been friends since the 6th grade. They were always together as if they were an inseparable part. They used to go to school and come home together, make jokes on the way, go to play football, theater, cinema, in short, they were separated only at night, each went to his own house, but there were also cases where they spent the night at each other’s house. Sometimes people told them about how they looked so much like them and suspected that they were brothers. The boys laughed at what they said and looked at each other.

One day, surprisingly, it turned out that they have the same common mother. They were amazed how such a thing could happen. Soon, Walter began to search for his biological father. His daughter helped him in this matter by giving him an Internet link where he could find his father. In the end, they found out the truth about being close brothers. Although they were excited, they were very happy because for years they have lived considering each other relatives and now to find out that they are really related in kinship  is just a miracle. Out of joy and excitement, they began to hug and organize a big party and celebrate the memorable event.

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