This couple is a great lover of autumn. They play the piano and sing in nature

Autumn slowly descends on the yellow fields and paints with its brush mysteriously and skillfully. All around are leaves, yellow, orange, brown, which, fall down and cover the ground, as if bidding farewell to nature. Autumn has spread its brightly colored carpet in the forest, in the garden, in the meadow and everywhere. The wind whistles to the left and right, as if signaling the coming of autumn. Raindrops are visible on the window panes, flowing down. Sipping a hot cup of tea or coffee in this magical weather has a different taste and smell.

Sitting at home, you look at the magic unfolding in front of you from the window and think how creative, how perfect, how flawless nature is. How can he create such a colorful image with one brush? It is hard to imagine a person who does not love this weather and is not fascinated by this creation. Even for a moment, you find it difficult to find words with what tenderness, what words to praise.

Olivia and Joseph are autumn lovers, who came to the forest to feel and enjoy the fairy-tale images of autumn together with the piano. Leaves are scattered around, which trembled and slowly danced down and took their place on the ground. How beautiful is the scenery around them. Joseph began to play the piano. The melody seemed to float through the forest and all sounds fell silent, even the chirping of birds and the sound of animals. It was as if the forest was listening. Olivia began to sing and walk on the leaves. The leaves slowly descended on the piano and covered it. The magical scene became complete with the song and listening to them you feel great excitement and attraction
How much emotion, excitement and passion there was in their song. Autumn is the season of love, it is the season of yearning. No matter how warm and beautiful the other seasons are, autumn stands out for its images. Watching the video posted below, you will also experience excitement.

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