This millionaire grandfather is looking for a wife. He will also leave her all his possessions

It’s no secret that money can sometimes do wonders. All of us are curious to some extent whether money makes a person happy. More or less, we all have heard, “if I had money, my life would be different” or “money can’t buy happiness and health”.

Perhaps none of us can give a complete explanation of what money is and what it is capable of. Can it open a closed door or vice versa? We still know that it is an item with material weight, with which a person can buy clothes, food, an apartment, a car, go on vacation, receive treatment, buy medicine, etc., but we do not know the degree of its magic. Can it bring back loved ones, make others love and respect them?

Can money fill loneliness? And how can it make a person feel important, loved and valued? Can money make you feel valuable even when you’re not? And what do you think, for the sake of money, is it worth being next to a person whom you do not love even when there is a huge age difference? Well, let’s see how true it is. An American millionaire on the threshold of 70 years of age feels that money cannot help him, because if he has no one next to him, who needs that wealth? He dreamed of family, love, warmth, which he never feels.

Once, during a television show, Benjamin gives a speech, tells a little about how he dreamed of success since he was a child. He worked too much, neglecting his own self. He didn’t want to have a family at a young age, he first thought about having a lot of money with which to buy everything. And now, on the threshold of old age, he was alone, looking for a spouse who would not stay by his side for the sake of hard work, but for the sake of love․

Benjamin never thought about starting a family because his only goal was to accumulate a lot of money. He started a small business, then expanded and soon became a millionaire. He doesn’t even have a close relative who could inherit his wealth. He wanted to get married, and preferably with a young woman, so that they could have children. During the show, there were many applicants, but the choice was difficult, Benjamin had to make the right choice. Is it interesting? Life is so diverse. There are people who have wives, families with many children, but they do not have money to feed them. And there are people who want all material security but they don’t have a family, they don’t know what the feeling of love and affection is.

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