This young mother wants to have many more children after having 11, and there is a reason for that.

Consider being called by eleven newborns at the same time. Christina Ozturk, a 23-year-old lady, lives this life and is overjoyed. She truly wants to grow her family since she loves children.

The mother of 11 talked about her life and the decision to have many children.

Christina was 17 years old when her child was born to Victoria. She was a single mom, but her life was dramatically changed when she met her future husband while on vacation. She alleges that after falling in love with her at first sight, he proposed to her and asked her to have numerous children with him.

The recipe for the world’s largest family

Christina’s children are mostly the same age and were born around the same time! She and her husband decided to utilize surrogacy to quickly expand their family since having so many children at once is impossible. Even if she did not give birth to all of them, she is still their biological mother. The couple wants to have many more children, but they haven’t agreed on a precise number.

The infants need the assistance of the whole community.

Her rich boyfriend, 56, is a wonderful father who sees to the needs of the family. They have nannies and a lot of aides to assist Christina in providing the finest care for the children.

Christina claims that her partner and she both took up a share of the responsibilities. She looks after the children while daddy works. They take the children to walks and movie theaters on a regular basis. They set aside the weekends for family time, and no matter what day it is, they always make time for meals.

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