VIDEO: At the Talents show, a roller skating sibling duo performs a scary trick that has the judges shaken

It’s not uncommon for talent show footage to cause severe anxiety, but this is typically due to second-hand shame when they’re very, really awful.

The following audition made everyone nervous. Talent programs like Britain’s Got Talent provide a great platform for quirky and eccentric talents to achieve on their own. The audience and the judges have witnessed everything in talent competitions, even d.e.ath-defying feats like this extraordinarily courageous guy in a wheelchair, but what occurs in this following video is certainly for the audience and the judges seem to agree.

There aren’t many rollerskating performers these days, but Billy and Emily, a sister act, may be bringing this trend back in a big way. The brother and sister combination made the judges scream and the crowd shout with a scary act that caused the show’s producers to flash a «Do Not Try This At Home» banner across the screen during their audition for Britain’s Got Talent.

Given that they received a standing ovation and four yes from the judges, it is fair to assume that this is not the last we’ve seen of these two…

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