When Her Girl Acted Weirdly Mom Planted a Camera to Find Out Why What She Discovered Made Her Cry

Chris and whitney matney are two loving parents who adore their baby girl.

They always do everything in their power to make her happy so they became worried when their daughter started behaving strangely. At one point she stopped being a sweet and happy little girl and they couldn’t figure out what the cause of this was, so whitney took it upon herself to set up a hidden camera in her home.

When the parents looked at the footage from this camera they were shocked by what they saw .A couple from springdale arkansas became parents in 2011 when whitney gave birth to a beautiful baby girl rayleigh the new parents were overcome with joy and happiness when they brought rayleigh home and started their new life.

What should have been a normal transition soon turned into a nightmare. Whitney was extremely diligent about her search for the perfect nanny. She took all the precautions to make sure her daughter would be left in the best possible hands.

She thought the safest bet would be appealing to her friends, so she went to facebook and posted an ad. One of whitney’s former high school classmates melissa medima reached out to the mom and said she was interested . Since melissa was someone whitney already personally knew this gave her the upper hand.

You can never be completely sure that you’ve hired the right nanny even though some people make great first impressions it’s later revealed that they aren’t good at their jobs. Not even glowing recommendations can guarantee someone safe and competent. You really can’t do too much to confirm you’re hiring the right person said in-home child care expert susan tokeir for abc news. For the continuation watch the video.

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