Woman dances to Whigfield’s ‘Saturday Night’ remix in spectacular freestyle performance

There’s no way to bring a song to life quite like a perfectly executed dance routine to it. Every now and again, you get to see a dance that can simply just blow you away.

For this young and talented dancer, Grace Annette, her moves are entirely captivating. Dancing to Saturday Night, by Wolfgang Lohr Feat. Nina Zeitlin, Grace Annette indeed shows off her talent.

Grace effortlessly moves her feet and body to this perfect track using a new dancing style known as neo-swing. Her routine is so great that’s it’s nearly impossible to look away.

For Grace Annette, all she needs is an open parking lot, a filmer, and an upbeat track to demonstrate how well she can move. She has a great style and is effortlessly rocking from side to side and throwing in some twirls.

With a smile on her face, and her hair swinging around, Grace Annette has a swagger that goes unmatched. Perfecting this new dance style, this young last has a long dance career ahead of her.

Even though the most challenging times, it’s dancing like this that can truly uplift your spirit and bring joy to your life. Completely relentless, her routine is an actual marathon and takes a lot of physical fitness.

It’s always refreshing to see such young talent like this. With a unique ability to truly dance to the rhythm, Grace Annette sets the bar high for those taking on the neo-swing style.

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