Woman gave up sugar 30 years ago, and now at the age of 70 she looks 40

Before the start of summer, many are trying to find a quick and tricky way to lose weight and get in good shape.

Carolyn Hartz found this way 30 years ago.

Today she is 70 years old, but no one gives her more than 40. And after all, Carolyn refused only one product – sugar.

70-year-old Carolyn lives in Australia and really looks much younger than her age. Even the hosts of the programs where Carolyn came for an interview did not believe her.

The woman only laughed at the incredulity of the interlocutors and admitted that they often do not believe her – as proof, she showed her passport.

According to Carolyn, sweets used to be constantly on her table, but 30 years ago she completely gave up sugar.

And in order to distract herself in the early stages of the period of refusal, the woman began to play tennis.

Sports have become an important part of her life.

“Giving up sugar is key. Within a month, I felt lighter. Of course, I also follow other basic rules of a healthy life, I sleep for 8 hours, I go in for sports,” Carolyn said.

According to the woman, she feels the same as she looks, younger. It turns out that sugar has a much greater effect on our body than many people think.

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